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On Page Search Engine Optimization

A Peak Into On-Page SEO

Technical Website SEO Optimization

SEO is a puzzle that has many little pieces that all need to come together. On-Page SEO plays a HUGE role in what ultimately is the end goal of any SEO work, to have a proper rank in the serach engines. Firstly it’s not as simple as researching high-value keywords. There are many facets. But do you really need another SEO campaign? What is on-page SEO anyway? And do you really need it for your business? 

On-page SEO is a broad term for covering all on-page ranking factors that will determine the ranking performance of a webpage for a specific keyword – different pages target different keywords. There is one key factor that differentiates on-page SEO from its counter part off-page SEO: you have direct control over its performance. Off-page also known as off-site SEO consists of mainly link building and other tactics that don’t involve optimization within the website itself.

On-Page SEO

Best Practices

Keyword optimization is a key tactic to on-page SEO. Prime tactics include infusing these elements with the focus keyword all while using minor keywords on the content body. There is also a best practice in keyword placement and density. On-page SEO isn’t jsut about the keywords. It is essential that you make sure you regularly publish quality content that adds value and is relevent to your website. 

How will you know if your SEO tactic is working? You must perform an audit of your web pages to make sure the essential elements of your website are properly optimized. 


Keyword optimization is a key tactic in on-page SEO. Common tactics include infusing these elements with the focus keyword and using minor keywords on the content body. There’s are also best practices in keyword placement and density. On-page SEO isn’t just about the keywords. You also need to make sure that your regularly publish quality content that adds value to your website.

But how will you know if your SEO tactic is working? You need to perform an audit of your web pages and make sure that the key elements of your website are properly optimized.

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On-Page SEO Checklist: SEO Best Practices Audit

Keyword Placement

Keywords need to be in various parts of the page content including:

• URLs
• Page title
• Content headings
• Content body
• Image Alt attributes

Frequency of Keywords

The keyword frequency formula is: keyword instance divided by the total number of words in a body of text. Typically this applies to a page’s content.

Use Effective Keywords

Along with proper placement and frequency, you should also use keywords contextually. This is important, especially in URLs and page titles. The keywords within URLs and page titles should show the general topic of the website.

Keyword Updates

Keyword research is a continuing process. Search trends constantly change from month in to month out so you’ll need to update keywords especially if they are no longer delivering the desired results.

Alt Attributes

Allow search engines to crawl images and multimedia content with descriptive names, and keyword-infused alt tags.

Link Building

Link building isn’t exclusively for off-page SEO. With on-page link building, you can create internal links that contextually link to other parts or pages of your website. This makes content discovery easier for search engines.

Site Performance

A slow loading website is something that you want to avoid at all cost. It can be detrimental overall, especially on your bounce rate and search engine ranking.

Competitor Research

Checking out your competition is another way to assess your website’s on-page SEO tactics. Objectively create comparisons on important aspects of optimization especially the keywords they rank for and if you can directly compete for said keywords or you’ll need to improve weaknesses in your on-page SEO.

There are more advanced on-page SEO strategies that need assessment but the tactics above are the most straightforward ones. You’ll need the help of professionals to audit the soundness of your website’s overall optimization strategy.

Why You Need Us For Your Website’s On-Page SEO Truly Delivers

As you already know, on-page SEO isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It can be confusing and difficult to do. The tactics may remain the same but the variables constantly change with every change in search trends, season, and Google algorithm update.

With an emminse amount of on hand experience in digital marketing and web design, Kozlo Web Design knows the ins and outs of the industry. We’ve developed strategies that deliver over and over, succeeding even at the dynamic nature of the industry. That’s just what Kozlo Web Design does – change and grow with SEO.

We are here to help your online business, serving Bloomingdale, Bolingbrook, Schaumburg, Naperville, Merrillville, Lemont and surrounding areas in Chicago.

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