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Kozlo Web Design is a credible web development agency, offering highly robust, comprehensive and custom web development services to make sure your business stands out among competitors. We create customized, smooth functioning, highly engaging, mobile-friendly, and lead generation oriented websites to ensure higher user satisfaction and maximum ROI. Contact our agency for web development, marketing, SEO and branding services in Schaumburg, Orland Park, Mundelein, Naperville, Merrillville, and across Chicago!

Custom WordPress Websites

Stand out with a 100% custom designed website that is specific to your business niche. There is a reason WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers. It is the most versatile and powerful way to build an online presence


Marketing and Sales Automation

Marketing and sales automation can bring your marketing campaigns to a new level. Streamline your company’s marketing operation and reduce the margin for error with marketing automation software and CRM solutions.

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Expand your brand reach and maximize your ROI with Kozlo Web Design, an expert Chicago based web Design Company and digital agency, providing custom web design, and marketing solutions in the USA. Take your brand to the next level and boost your online presence with Kozlo Web Design today.

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Our full-service web solutions help your business grow online leads, calls, and revenue.



Kozlo is a full-service web design and SEO company offering innovative web marketing solutions to small to large size companies across the globe. As a leader in SEO, divi web design, ecommerce, website conversion, and Internet marketing services, our firm prides ourselves on driving traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver real results for our clients.

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Digital Marketing

Having an online existence for any brand is extremely essential. However, no matter how big the corporation is and no matter how great its web presence is, if it can’t connect to its customers worldwide then its facing an issue. This is where our proven digital marketing professionals help you out giving you nothing but the best strategically thought-out marketing campaigns. Discuss your marketing goals with our digital marketing professionals today!


Search Engine Optimization

A website without traffic is worthless but a website with the right traffic flowing in consistently can propel a business to new heights. Our marketers partner with you to identify your target market and get to work making your site more visible to your key market through our comprehensive digital marketing services.


Logo Design

In one graphic image, your logo needs to define who you are: the face of your company and what you do. Your logo is an important part of promoting and marketing your business and is often the first thing that catches the eye of a potential customer. A custom logo design supports all your marketing and promotional materials – and your website – to attract attention and stimulate interest in what you do or offer.


Atricluating the proper words for your website are crucial. Having the right key words for your specific niche could be a matter of life or death for your business. Choosing words that resonate with your clientelle and search engines could be the matter of making the sale or missing out. Creative and original writing is optimal, which is why we offer content writing as needed! 

Pay Per Click

Running an ad campaign is the easiest way to get your website on page 1 of Google or Bing for your chosen keywords. It’s faster than organic SEO. It’s flexible and customizable. It’s scalable as your business grows. Facebook ads allow you to target ads to people based on a variety of factors including demographics, interests, life events, and location so you can increase awareness, reach, leads or (and) sales for your business. Our team is professionally trained in PPC management for Google, Bing and Facebook.

Social Media Management

Being on social media puts your brand on the map. A well maintained facebook, instagram, and twitter accounts leads to an effective lead generation for almost any business that involves consumer to consumer sales. We have options available that include posting, client outreach, and paid ad monitoring. Not only will you get leads but you will build brand awareness which in the end builds trust for your company. 

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Working with Kozlo Web Design has been extremely seamless and rewarding. Not only did they create an appealing website, but they are always attentive and never hard to reach. I would recommend anyone who wants to build a website to give them a call. 
Daniel Carcillo

Celebrity, Danielcarcillo.com

I hired Kozlo Web Design last year and having them apart of my team has been the best decision. They are highly dedicated to everything they do & I’ve only received high quality results. What I appreciate the most is how they approach problems in a quick and efficient manner. It’s done wonders for my business! Thank you again for everything.

Jessica Janusz

CEO, Anushia.com

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